Contact Number

Telephone:+44 (0) 1773 549300


Plant Locations

Redditch Application Centre

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Sapa Access is based at our Redditch Application Centre, our team of design engineers will work from here to provide design and support services to our customers. At the Application centre you will find a full range of advanced aluminium fabrication equipment and expertise. This is where our larger projects are brought to life, and components are prepared for use.

Cheltenham Extrusion Presses and Anodising Plant

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Sapa Profiles UK sales office is based at our Cheltenham facility. At the Cheltenham site are also two extrusion presses, a comprehensive anodising line and our advanced CNC fabrication facility. Factory tours can be arranged and we encourage anyone starting to work with aluminium to experience the full production process.

Tibshelf Extrusion Presses, Die Making and Recycling Plant

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Our Tibshelf location also features two long length aluminium extrusion presses and has received substancial investment from the Sapa Group in recent years, to ensure we are able to meet the demands of our clients with the shortest leads times and the highest quality control in the industry.

Tibshelf is also the UK location for our remelt, aluminium recycling facility. Sapa is proud to be able to specify entirely recycled aluminium profiles to our customers.

Sapa Group

Sapa Access operates in the UK and Europe, benefitting from the support of the Sapa Group, a global organisation.

If you have a project or requirement that requires international support, the resources of Sapa Group are available to you.

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Talk to an Expert



At Sapa Access we would like to give you the opportunity to talk directly to an expert who can help you with your specific requirement. These contacts are based at our UK Application Centre and work directly on our access solutions, from design to construction.

If you wish to call us, the numbers are listed above, or for general enquiries email us at the application centre